Advertisements have a long history that is constantly evolving. Centuries ago, advertising was conducted almost exclusively by word of mouth. It wasn’t until the 15th century that we began seeing printing in advertising and closer examples of what we think of as ads today. 

In the modern-day, the technological advances in our society have made the combination of ads and technology inevitable. Now, the use of demand-side platforms to deliver programmatic ads has become commonplace amongst advertisers and agencies.

What is a demand-side platform?

Whether you have read some of our other blogs, are a marketer yourself, or have experience in marketing, you might have heard of the term: demand-side platform or DSP. A demand-side platform (DSP) is software that allows advertisers to buy display, mobile, search, and video ads from a network of publishers with the help of automation. This powerful tool automates decision-making processes and bids for ads in real-time, making the entire process significantly more efficient than traditional ad bidding.

Why use a DSP?

Many marketers use a DSP due to its ease of use and cost-effectiveness, but DSPs have several other benefits.

  • Consolidation. The consolidation of campaigns allows advertisers to view ads in one place. These systems enable advertisers to manage their ads across many real-time bidding networks, rather than just one.
  • Third-Party Data. DSPs frequently collaborate with third-party data sources, allowing you to collect and report your data in ways that a single network cannot. Furthermore, targeting options are more tailored, resulting in higher conversion rates.
  • Inventory sources. DSPs provide easy access to inventory meaning the space a publisher has for advertisements at a given time. They connect to varying inventory sources, including many different publishers, blogs, etc. Advertisers may access the best inventory across many exchanges simultaneously and let the algorithm handle the hard lifting in bidding.

All of these are reasons why so many advertisers gravitate towards a DSP and programmatic advertising

If there is a Demand Side Platform, then is there a Supply Side Platform?

Yes! A supply-side platform is at the opposite end of the automated process. While DSPs demand ad space, an SSP supplies it. Both DSPs and SSPs are part of programmatic advertising. Programmatic ads describe the entire process of buying and selling ads in today’s tech-driven landscape. If you’re not currently using it in some capacity, you’re missing out on the opportunity to save money and improve the results of your online advertising efforts.

So where does DSPolitical come in?

At DSPolitical we act as a meta-DSP (hence the name), basically, we make the whole process of navigating the programmatic landscapes from the demand side to the supply side easy as clicking a few buttons. We’ve built a technology platform that leverages the power of multiple demand-side platforms and supply-side platforms to ensure our clients have the best access to programmatic digital advertising across the internet.

Contact us below to learn more about how DSPolitical can help you support your campaign and help you run better digital ads!