Pro-Choice messaging is the most critical issue Democrats are facing today. That’s why we’ve partnered with Catalist to build custom Pro-Choice Audiences to reach persuadable choice voters.

The Segments

Through our voter data partnerships, we’ve built custom choice persuasion audiences to ensure campaigns can reach persuadable choice voters. We’ve broken up the Pro-Choice Audiences into three sections: (1) Choice Persuadable Small, (2) Choice Persuadable Medium, and (3) Choice Persuadable Large. These audiences can be layered to achieve greater scale.

Choice Persuadable Small

This segment should be the first audience to use when running a digital campaign with choice messaging. These are the voters who are most likely to change voting behavior and turnout out because of their support for legalized abortion.

Choice Persuadable Medium 

We recommend expanding to this audience to achieve greater scale when running pro-choice campaigns. This audience includes all voters in the small audience but extends to those with slightly lower choice scores.

Choice Persuadable Large 

The largest choice audience available, this group includes all voters in the small and medium audiences but expands on the range of eligible choice scores. Add this segment if you have a larger budget or are trying to run ads across narrow geography.

The Evidence

You care about the accuracy of these segments, and so do we. How are these models validated?

  • Tested for Accuracy: These models are validated with over 1.6 million results, reliably indicating voters’ support for choice.
  • Years of Data: The final model uses the voter file, Census, commercial data, and transactional data collected over the past 15 years at Catalist, such as calls, texts, and canvassing.

The Application

The ability to tailor messaging to fit different audiences may define the success of a campaign. Despite the fact the majority of the country is pro-choice, there are significant numbers of persuadable voters who are in favor of abortion bans. Consider incorporating Choice Scores when running creative with strong pro-choice messaging. 

Additionally, many Republican opponents oppose abortion even in the most extreme cases, while others have a less restrictive stance. We recommend using the Choice Persuadable Small audience segment when running against a less extreme opponent and expanding to Choice Persuadable Medium or Large when running against a Republican with more extreme views.

During election season, every minute counts. The DSPolitical Pro-Choice Models save time by laser-focusing on the most suitable choice audience for persuasion campaigns. Contact us to get started.