Perhaps you read last week’s New York Times story that seems to have spread fear across the political landscape over a purported lack of available digital ad inventory:

“It turns out that the Internet does not have infinite capacity. At least not for political ads. As an increasing number of campaigns and outside groups are finding out, premium space on the web has long been booked. Digital advertising is maturing much in the way television did, as targeting becomes more sophisticated and the definition of a viewer expands drastically.”

What a nightmare – especially for candidates whose digital ad consultants and buyers didn’t see it coming. Here at DSPolitical, however, we anticipated the potential shortage last spring and began working with providers to make sure millions of dollars in digital ad inventory would be available to clients of our voter targeted digital ad network in the final weeks leading up to Election Day.

So, where others have fallen down, we stand ready to help you reach your targeted voters – on their computers, mobile phones, and tablet devices. Drop us an email or give us a call at (202) 888-7780 today to get started.