On Your Side…

A few days ago, Politico ran a story titled “Political Tech’s ‘Arms Dealers’” that examined the important question of whether partisan or nonpartisan political technology firms are able to better serve their deeply political clientele. Our CEO, Jim Walsh, had plenty to say on the subject in the piece:

Jim Walsh, the CEO of DSPolitical, a digital firm that works with Democrats, cautioned candidates against using a bipartisan technology company that has access to internal data showing all of its clients’ target audiences. In the wrong hands, he warned, the information could undermine an entire campaign.

“Politics at the end of day is about winners and losers. In our judgment, it is the ethical responsibility of a firm serving Democratic candidates to make sure they are giving them every possible advantage they could,” he said.

The answer to the partisan vs. nonpartisan question has always seemed quite obvious to us. Who do you want by your side in the final weeks before the midterm election? Someone who wants you to win and for Democrats to keep our Senate majority or someone who might be just as excited (if you are lucky) at the prospect of your victory as they are at the idea of Republicans winning the Senate? That is why DSPolitical serves only Democrats and progressives. It is a matter of our values.

…Down to the Wire

With just 30 days to go until Election Day, DSPolitical stands ready to help you meet the challenges of finding last minute ways to reach your targeted voters and mobilize your supporters for GOTV:

  • DemocraticAds.com: The new self-serve platform from the DSPolitical voter-targeted ad network, puts the same digital ad targeting technology we have developed, perfected, and used for scores of statewide and national campaigns and causes, in the hands of candidates for down ballot and local races.
  • Voter Targeted Ads: We have matched more than 600 million browser cookies and device profiles against the Catalist voter file with hundreds of targetable audience segments. With our ad network you can target your online ads (banner or pre-roll video) to specific voters across multiple devices, expanding your reach and maximizing your impact on Election Day.
  • Target Ad-Skippers: An increasing number of Americans are opting out of television for services like Netflix and Hulu. Even more are using DVRs to skip ads. To solve this dilemma, we have created a nationwide model for those that are most likely to opt-out of television viewing using data from Nielson, Rentrak, and Scarborough. The resulting match allows candidates and causes to put digital ads directly in front of these hard to reach Americans.
  • Target Union Members: We provide organized labor with the ability to match membership lists against our massive pool of more than 600 million browser cookies and device profiles. As a result, unions are able to use our ad network to target digital ads to their members across multiple devices, maximizing their impact and expanding their reach.

Republicans are spending hundreds of millions of dollars online to reach their supporters and convince the Beltway chattering class that they have erased the Democratic digital advantage. Their efforts cannot be left unchecked.

Do not miss an opportunity to reach your targeted voters where they are – on their computers, mobile phones, and tablet devices. Email or call us at 202-888-7780 today and we can help you create a custom plan to level the digital playing field and win on November 4th.