To get your issue across the finish line, you need to reach the right people with the right message. DSPolitical and Deploy provides you with a multi-layered approach to be able to persuade key decision makers at the same time as you are energizing their constituents and your supporters. In this blog post, we will break down how to leverage Deploy’s targeting with three tiers of tactics that make up a robust advocacy campaign – persuasion, awareness, and mobilization.

Persuasion Layer: The Decision Makers

Deploy’s Influencer Audiences lets you target congressional offices, state legislative offices, members of the press, and more. By targeting these audiences, you are keeping your issue front-and-center for these decision-makers and establishing opportunities to persuade them towards your point of view.

Awareness Layer: Constituents

Targeting the constituents of an elected official in their home district is a great way to move your issue forward. This provides you an opportunity to increase the awareness of the importance and relevance of your issue to the voters of a district, providing a brand-lift and uptick in favorability. The higher the favorability of your issue in a district, the more likely it is to succeed. Deploy has congressional and state legislative districts built in through our nationwide voter file, making targeting your awareness layer a breeze. If you work for an elected official looking to reach constituents, check out our digital franking offering.

Mobilization Layer: Supporters

The final layer of advocacy is to mobilize the strongest supporters of your cause. These are the people who will be your advocates on the ground, contacting their representatives and moving your issue forward. With Deploy’s built-in suite of predictive models you can reach the people who feel most strongly about your issue, from environmental, to abortion, to progressive activists. 

Successful advocacy campaigns will leverage multiple tactics to reach their goals. Though each issue is unique, with DSPolitical, you have the flexibility to tailor each campaign and execute the strongest possible campaign for your advocacy goals. Contact us to bring your issue across the finish line.