Where is your audience?

Political advertisers invest a great deal of energy and resources in identifying and reaching their voters. Given the rapid changes in media consumption patterns, it’s increasingly crucial to have the right technology to connect with carefully cultivated audiences. That’s where GeoFusion comes in; It combines augmenting data to make the lists more complete with geofencing to increase scale.

While most marketers use geofencing to reach particular buildings where influencers are, we are the only solution that automatically draws hyperfocused geofences based on our client’s custom lists– enabling massive scale and minimizing waste. Our geofencing capabilities are like none other; it allows astounding levels of deterministic reach and is one of the most powerful geofencing tools available to political campaigns.

What are the benefits of implementing powerful location-based targeting?

  • Targeted Reach: Diversifies your list targeting, letting you reach more of your list, leaving fewer voters on the table. Because the ads are more targeted, campaigns can see a better return on investment than more traditional methods.
  • Enhance Precision: Saves money by targeting only the audience you want and excluding those you don’t.
  • Improve Efficiency: Campaigns often witness an improved engagement rate as voters receive relevant information based on location.

How does it work?

DSPolitical’s award-winning GeoFusion technology helps reach voters deterministically. This powerful technology enables political campaigns to reach their priority audiences at scale through data augmentation and micro-targeted geofences.

GeoFusion acts as a location filter on top of the DSP’s bidder. Clients upload their custom lists to Toolbox, our custom audience management software, where GeoFusion then augments their data (often increasing match rates by double digits) and draws geofences. The location verification stack verifies location data from the bid request, filtering out lousy location data in real-time, ensuring we only serve ads to those within the geofences we have drawn.

When it comes to using geofencing to target specific households, residences that include multiple other people outside of our target audience (such as multi-unit buildings) are often inaccurate and could put unnecessary stress on campaign budgets. We combat this with multiple dwelling countermeasures, which exclude households with three or more families, by utilizing third-party data to compare against our client’s list– valuable data that clients don’t typically have access to.

Randomized control trials have found that using GeoFusion on a large scale to target hundreds of thousands or even millions of voters has been proven to increase voter registration and persuade voters with statistically significant effects. GeoFusion helps our clients can deliver ads to the overwhelming majority of their targets, reaching scale while maintaining sharp precision.