Our self-service ad platform Deploy just got a major update, with exciting new features for public affairs and advocacy campaigns. These updates are designed to supercharge your capabilities and provide you with enhanced tools for running non-electoral campaigns. With expanded inventory access, easier compliance requirements, and the introduction of Influencer Audiences, Deploy is now more powerful and versatile than ever before.

Expanded Inventory Access and Easier Compliance Requirements

As part of our ongoing commitment to support public affairs campaigns, we have implemented the ability to create advertisers that are not political, allowing Deploy to support a wider variety of campaigns. With these upgrades, non-political clients and advocacy campaigns on behalf of progressive causes or organizations no longer require compliance information, streamlining your workflow and eliminating approval delays at the DSP level.

New Advertiser Requirements

To optimize Deploy and provide a more tailored experience, we have introduced new advertiser types when creating an advertiser in Deploy. When setting up an advertiser, you now have the option to select the advertiser type from the following choices:

  1. Elections, ballot initiatives, or political candidate: This type is for campaigns related to elections, ballot initiatives, or political candidates. Full compliance information will be required.
  2. Issue advocacy on behalf of progressive causes or organizations: Choose this type for advocacy campaigns utilizing voter-file and political audiences. No compliance information is required.
  3. Issue advocacy on behalf of non-political clients: Select this type for other advertising purposes. No compliance information is required, and these advertisers will not have access to voter-file or political audiences.

Influencer Audiences

Among the major updates released for Deploy is the redesign of the Audience Builder, introducing a new modular design that allows you to create audiences tailored to your campaign. This update also includes the addition of Influencer Audiences– aka our powerful Blackbook audiences. These audiences enable you to target influencers, VIPs, and decision-makers around state and federal legislative and executive offices. 

The new Influencer Audiences are now easily accessible within the campaign builder, alongside the existing custom audience and voter file audience options. These premium audiences utilize advanced targeting techniques to reach the decision-makers and influencers you need to win. By incorporating Influencer Audiences into your campaigns, you can maximize your reach and impact in advocating for your cause.

The recent upgrades to Deploy have revolutionized the way you can run non-electoral campaigns and expanded your advocacy capabilities. With the introduction of non-political advertisers and Influencer Audiences, you now have streamlined compliance requirements, faster approval processes, and enhanced targeting options at your fingertips. 

Want to take advantage of these new features and unlock new possibilities for your advocacy campaigns on Deploy? Log in and explore the updated platform or learn how you can get started on Deploy today