This week the Washington Post shared the story of Maine State Representative Henry Beck and how he’s using to target voters in his campaign for reelection. The piece notes, “Beck has been using digital technology that was once only available to campaigns with million-dollar budgets: online advertisements that target voters based on their Web browser ‘cookies.’” The piece continues:

What, exactly, gives a state representative the online ad sophistication to match Obama’s? It’s a new site, launched earlier this month, called The creators of the site, the D.C.-based firm DSPolitical, has bought up about 600 million browser cookies that contain personal details about some 150 million voters in the United States. Their service is able to take the information contained in a person’s “cookies” and match it against data collected about their voting profile to serve up targeted ads.


In the old days, i.e., two years ago, hiring an ad buyer to generate such an ad campaign cost at least $20,000. But using, Beck’s ads target the most valuable voters in his district of 8,700 residents along the banks of the Kennebec River for a fee that starts at just $500.

What’s more, Beck isn’t the only candidate using to reach targeted voters in these final weeks before the election. Scores of others are as well – and you can too!

I don’t have to tell you that we must capitalize on every possible advantage in order to be successful on Election Day. President Obama’s data-and-targeting-powered victory in 2012 made that clear.

Now is your chance to do exactly that by reaching the exact right voters you need to win on Election Day wherever they are online and on their mobile and tablet devices with banner and pre-roll video ads and on their Facebook timelines.

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