Ads Will Be Served Directly to Voters Waiting In Line at the Polls – DSPolitical’s self-serve voter targeted digital advertising platform — has served ads in all 50 states for local and downballot campaigns.

WASHINGTON, DC – With just days to go before the November 8th election, local and downballot candidates are increasingly turning to voter targeted digital ads to reach voters with final persuasion and get out the vote messages.

DSPolitical’s ‘Last Word’ will be helping scores of Democratic campaigns and state parties make certain their messages are the last ones seen by voters before casting their ballots. The product serves digital ads to the mobile devices of those waiting in line at their Election Day polling place.

Additionally, – DSPolitical’s award-winning self-serve voter targeted digital advertising platform has been used by local and downballot candidates in all 50 states over the past few weeks with digital buys increasing considerably as Election Day approaches.

Our ‘Last Word’ polling place digital targeting product has sparked tremendous interest from campaigns all over the country. We’re seeing candidates up and down the ballot – from state legislators and mayors to senators and governors – signing up to reach voters on their mobile devices as they stand in line waiting to vote on Election Day. It’s no wonder. This is a captive audience campaigns simply can’t afford to miss. They know how important it is to have their message be the last thing seen by voters before they cast their ballots,” said a DSPolitical spokesperson.

The political landscape is being transformed – especially on the local level. We’re seeing droves of downballot candidates turning to voter targeted digital ads as Election Day draws near – to change minds and drive GOTV efforts. We will look back on 2016 as the election where the transformative power of political technology went local. The last time we elected a president, downballot candidates could never have afforded this type of sophisticated targeting technology,” said Mark Jablonowski, DSPolitical partner and chief technology officer. has putt the same digital ad targeting technology pioneered by DSPolitical and used by scores of statewide and national campaigns, in the hands of local and downballot Democratic candidates. The platform allows clients to create their own voter targeted digital ad campaigns in just minutes. Launched in the final months of the last election, the Washington Post reported that has given local and down ballot Democrats the “online ad sophistication to match Obama’s.” The platform won the Reed Award for “Best Use of New Technology.”

In September, DSPolitical announced a new partnership with NGP VAN – the voter contact platform used by nearly every Democratic campaign in America – that put in the hands of thousands of VAN users.

In the days ahead, much will be written about the technology deployed during the 2016 election. One story stands out – the adoption of sophisticated political technologies (like DSPolitical’s by local and downballot candidates. To speak about this or political tech issues, contact us today.

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