Democracy can only function properly when everyone has the same basic facts.

We don’t have to tell you that misinformation in politics, and society in general, is creating serious problems for both policymakers and those of us working on campaigns. Unfortunately, it’s extremely hard to change someone’s mind about what is true and what isn’t unless you get to them quickly — and stop the spread of viral misinformation before it spreads widely enough to take hold.

The rise of fake news and conspiracy sites have alarmed us from the start — and we’ve been researching and testing different approaches to fighting back against irresponsible and misleading information for years. We’re not alone in that effort, as there’s been much political science and psychology research into how best to counteract false narratives in our society. One of the keys to fixing this mess is being able to reliably engage the individuals exposed to fake news, which — up until now — has been difficult to do. No more.

Today, we’re proud to announce that we’ve developed a powerful tool for helping organizations and campaigns nip the spread of fake news stories in the bud.

Antidote: The Fake News Buster attacks fake news at the source. By targeting specific individuals who’ve been exposed to fake news online, we can surround them with the appropriate facts and deliver engaging digital advertising to them to stem the spread of false stories online and in real life.

Antidote is so powerful because, powered by DSPolitical’s industry-leading programmatic advertising technology stack, it can find and advertise to these specific individuals wherever they go on the internet after they leave the websites that start these false and misleading stories. No advertising revenue goes to the fake news sites themselves, and we thus do not risk perpetuating the spread of future fake news.

Get in touch today to start staunching the flow of fake news around the internet — and correct the misleading information that’s being spread by these vile and cynical fake news sites.

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