We are already halfway through June, and Pride Month celebrations are in full swing across the country. Washington, D.C.’s Capital Pride celebration is one of the largest in the country, attracting LGBTQ+ people and allies from around the world each June.  According to a study conducted by the Williams Institute, the District of Columbia maintains the highest percentage of LGBT residents. The data reveals that nearly 14.5% of the local population identifies as LGBT, surpassing all 50 states. Despite the significant LGBTQ+ presence in the nation’s capital, LGBTQ individuals are significantly underrepresented across all levels of government and public positions in the United States. Statistics from the Victory Fund indicate that openly LGBTQ elected officials constitute less than 1% of the total, although there is an upward trend in representation. During the last election cycle, DSPolitical took pride in having facilitated the election of 47 LGBTQ+ candidates, yet we recognize there is still plenty of work to be done. At DSPolitical, we are dedicated to closing the representation gap by engaging and mobilizing communities with innovative digital targeting strategies.  For more information on the outstanding candidates we have collaborated with, visit our win site

The LGBTQ+ Voting Bloc

As the political landscape heats up, one group stands out with remarkable energy and determination. GLAAD reports that 94% of LGBTQ+ registered voters are highly motivated for the upcoming 2024 elections, much like they were in the 2020 Presidential election. According to an analysis in the Washington Post, LGBTQ voters in 2020 made up 7 to 8% of the overall electorate, and their turnout played a decisive role in President Joe Biden’s win in the close contest swing states. It’s important to note that the LGBTQ+ voting bloc does not act as a monolith and does not necessarily only support Democrats. The community hopes that candidates of all parties will recognize this and support pro-equality policies, reach out to LGBTQ+ voters, and seek their votes.

Combatting Growing Uncertainty

As the election day approaches, uncertainty is spreading across the nation, leaving many voters unsure about their November choices. According to a poll by the Human Rights Campaign, even one-third of “equality voters” – those who prioritize LGBTQ+ rights – are not firmly supporting Biden. In key swing states, hundreds of thousands of voters are at risk of not casting their votes, while another group might opt for third-party candidates. 

This is a powerful constituency, and campaigns need to be equipped with the necessary tools to get them to show up at the polls and support their cause. At DSPolitical, we possess the tools to engage and persuade these voters. Utilizing first-party data partnerships and pioneering geolocation technology, we prioritize audience engagement to advance legislation, influence public opinion, and strengthen brand recognition. Our approach combines data-driven targeting science with a comprehensive digital advertising network, ensuring your campaign connects with the right voters online every time. 

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